July 27th, 2006


Two things.

1) I am ANGRY. I've just had a powertrip done on me by that idiot office junior bitch, those I can stand, it amuses me highly when somebody who is a NOBODY tries to be something she isn't at all. But this time she crossed that line from "slight annoyance" to "seek vengance".

Basically she took nothing, made it in to something and then went to our manager who then had a subtile phone call with me saying "so and so told me blah blah". It's like, WTF, I do recall leaving school years ago so why the hell am I in the middle of a "TEACHER! TEACHER!" thing over NOTHING.

And to make it clear, we need to wear safety shoes down here when we're doing things that require such footware, I don't consider sitting on my ass reading emails and putting stuff on to the system as a task that requires to be extra careful with my feet, so when I came in I popped on the computer and go to it without bothing to switch shoes until I start working. She barged in pretending to be an EXECUTIVE (AOLOLOL) and actively seeking a power trip to make her feel important. Turns out she found one, shoes while I'm on my ass at a computer. Cow. I'm still unbelievably angered by this.

2) Chavs + Moped x Roundabout / Pain = HUMOUR

Standards aren't standards if you don't tell anybody.

The Baboon says:
Hi Kev,

I was just looking at the lit dashboard and noticed that a 1111 was put in a phone number field. A dot '.' should be used when the field is required, but there is no data ie normally the company name (for a prospect record card) and the phone number. Are all residential records now being set up as pospects as discussed?

I say:
Hi you fucking balding baboon,

1111 was chosen back in the day when Carol was with us, we had two codes 1111 and 2222 [2222 was never used in the end]. 1111 represents either the caller won't provide the phone number (which some don't because they think we're going to telemarket them to death) or if it wasn't provided on an email, voicemail or web request.

So it's turned in to a sort of universial standard in Lit Despatch.


The baboon says:
thanks Kev

In data management terms it is wrong to use 1111. This should NOT be used from now on. Please use a dot instead. This has been agreed as the correct format by [IT man] and [crazy analysist guy]

Are we residing on the same planet? I'm explaining why it's occuring and it's obviously slipped over her spotty face and shot over her big bald patch too, she didn't inform us of this sudden change and yet LOL IT'S WRONG!!111 Duh. I'm still going to use 1111 though. HA!