July 29th, 2006


WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?/1/1/1

Ok, I'm bored here and I'm trying to build a BBS.

So far I've added a supernews account on to the system to allow for usenet postings as well as DOVE-NET. But I'm trying to get a mass of content from around the shop, so to try out a multiple server I've added furnet (which according to the furry scum is something to HOWEL about).

Now this is out of pure morbid curiosity I selected furnet and quite frankly the furrylink.js file is going to have an end with the recycling bin soon (oh and if you're a furry I'm not handling your traffic, you see your precious furrynet is under so many crazy prerequisits that it'll never see the light of day).

Now that it works (and bizzarely the system is downloading 3,000 posts in fur.test) I can make me a troll account and go internet huntin until they ban my server. YEEEEEHAW.