August 14th, 2006

Vagina Science!

Yes thank you.

LiveJournal usefully sending me an email about an error where the PIN couldn't be located, albeit a month late and inclusive of the PIN. Wank bags.



I must apologise for the delay in replying to your message. We've been very busy
here at our Church here in Atworth with the weather being most beautiful.

With your question, the obvious answer is to find an older woman whom you love
and intend on marrying to kiss you as that is acceptable in God's eyes, but
ensure her lips touch nowhere below satans line before you are wed!

If you wish for a friendly kiss, ask your nan, when I was a child during the War
my nan would always kiss us on the head when the bombs were falling from the sky,
unfortunately since we lived in Huddersfield not much protection from the Germans
was provided, I couldn't fathom why, moreso when they had spotlights in the sky
pointing toward Germany.

I do hope this has helped you.

Kindest Regards,
Sister Josephine
Atworth, nr Melksham, Wiltshire

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name: Jerry


question: I'm not interested in sex.Sex is for marriage only.But how can I can I have an older woman kiss on me?

post: No

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Vagina Science!



Vee Oh Eye Pee = OMG. If I get my hands on this I shall be most happy. Although it would be better on Vonage since they've got a contract with the Cloud that allows FREE access for vonage purposes.

Then again, every idiot and his cat have an open wifi network, so with a little disregard for the Computer Misuse Act I could acheive the same goal.

Oh speaking of such, it's reminded me of an incident in Toronto. I was assisting my mate Mark secure his wireless network and it turns out his neighbour had the exact same box, ssid and default passwords. I went in to "Marks" box and fiddled the settings and managed to lock myself out of it. So I tried a fixed network connection, no go. So I said "turn that bastard thing off" and he did. And yet "his" SSID was still broadcasting. Oops.

Then to make up for the fact I fiddled his neighbours box I changed Mark's SSID from default and locked out his neighbour at 1am. I bet he was well wound trying to download porn and not being able to. We LOLed.