October 5th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

Internet = Boring.

After getting yet another virus on the BBS PC I think I might just abandon
t'internet. It bores me now, I do something, I get a virus, I put up a
website, somebody defaces it, I check my email and I get 800 messages trying
to get me to buy dodgy phamasetuicals (and that's with three layers of spam

The internet isn't cool anymore, the intenet is one big jerk.

I'll still be doing my "technical" things on the internet (don't worry
Jonska!) and also one other project I got on the go. I shall also be
interacting on the LJ.

Other than that I'm retreating to the BBS world in my own little corner of
the jerk-o-net with my "echoes" and crazy usenet feeds, where everything is
done with text only.

The usual email will work, I check my Yahoo! on the mobile and it'll forward
a copy to the BBS email.

Good morrow!