October 7th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

America, America!

If the Americans wern't already so very good at invading Eye-Rack and spelling
"Muslim" as "Moslum" I've now heard it all.

ABC News refered to an "Iraqi" as "Rackey". How unprofessional.

Tonight I shall....

.... get absolutely stinking drunk.

I've got nobody with me this evening, which is sad-ish, but at the same time the car is off insurance tomorrow so I can't actually do anything until Monday when it's back on a one day policy, so I can't drive anywhere and I'm not in the mood to walk 10 miles to go to Tescos.

So I can get stonkingly pissed tonight, have a lost day tomorrow anyway and not need to binge again until next weekend with boyzici (which is why I should test my alcohol tolerance tonight me thinks).

Expect texts this evening.


On tonight's Law and Order they're in "Prague" which is a poor mock up of some posh New York suburb. You'd think with such a strong brand they would splash out and use the real thing or at least a German city.