October 14th, 2006

Multi-National Cherie

Tha Po-Leece

Today has been busy and I've had a touch of serious road rage. I had to buzz in to Chippenham which should have taken me around 15 minutes at 9am on a saturday morning. But it didn't, it took half an hour because EVERYBODY was insisting on doing 35-40 in a 60, I get past one and there is another up ahead, this in itself wasn't too bad but it was the fact I had to be there and out by 9:45 to take the other car in to the garage. So that made life worse and then the idiot behind me trying to overtake me while I'm trying to deal with the fucking idiots in front.

On the way back I lost my rag and started shouting at a moped trying to race me, I got so sick of his shit I got around him at a dual lane part of the road and left him there trying to continue his fruitless race. Although I'm impressed he managed to keep it going at 60!

Then taking the other car through to the MOT centre was a complete nightmare. The police were in full force which is an indicator I'm on shakey ground here. The Road Traffic Act allows you to take a car with not MOT to a pre-booked appointment which is fine, but I'm not so sure if the fact the car was SORNed (Statutory Off Road Notification) was factored in to it. So I've taken it to the closest MOT centre possible, on the way there I passed THA PO-LEECE and kind of expected a swing around and some HARDCORE BLUE LIGHT ACTION.

But it didn't. Win!

Also, I just got the call mid way through this post and I've gone to collect the car, it passed and only needed £33.60 in work (plus £45 for the MOT). HUZZAH!


The Pwners Manual of the Jimny says my front tyres should be 23psi and my rear should be 28psi. I think it's telling me lies. The micra was 32psi front and 28psi back.

I think I might need to nip in to Halfords and skim through a Haynes manual for reassurance.