November 6th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

Amusingly deadly.

It always amazes me that people can be so unbelievably thick.

Like this morning, on my usual 30 mile jaunt to work I've passed through varying amounts of fog but all of them had one thing incommon, you absolutely needed at minimum to have your dipped headlights and fog lights on or you had no chance.

This logic of course wasn't stopping anybody, 10 out of 20 couldn't be arsed to use their fog lights, but at least had the courtesy to use their lights. However, a further 5 couldn't be bothered to use their dipped headlights but at least opted for their side lights (not as if that was any use to anybody, but whatever). But shockingly around 3-4 people were so think they didn't even use any form of lights, amusingly there were also driving grey/silver cars and deserve to perish in a flaming car smash.

Why do people think "oh it's a bit foggy I think I'll make myself blend in to the background"? Seriously, download the common sense patch or have the decency to do something stupid and get off the planet.
Cheerleader Cherie

What me wa say!?

After my pay as you drive box which can sing as well as dance was installed this morning I've been dying to abuse it HARDCORE.

As I've got 30 days on the SatNav free I might as well try it and have them send me home. As it's operated by TrafficMaster I'm hoping it will find some genius way around and allow me to avoid the traffic.

I've decided I'm going to pay the £10 a month for the Speed Camera detection service and black spot warning stuff and do the SatNav on a pay as you go basis as I've already got a TomTom but it'll be useful to have some credit on the account for a route I expect to be riddled with traffic and such.
Vagina Science!

Get a job you hippy.

A beautiful blue eyed boy working for Exodus who's interests include:

    * books,
    * christianity,
    * disney,
    * drama,
    * exgay,
    * fitness,
    * food,
    * gay,
    * lgbt,
    * movies,
    * poetry,
    * prison break,
    * star wars,
    * theatre,
    * theme parks,
    * writing

I like the style of the far right. Start a blog with a chappie who makes other chappies blow their stack and go on about EX-GAYDOM FREE YOURSELF FROM TEH GHEY! Could you make your JESUS-trolling even more obvious?
Cheerleader Cherie

Who shot Dallas? I ruddy well will.

My server in Dallas is a whore to the Nth degree. Podcast 2 isn't working, not like the bastard thing doesn't know the fecking mime type for it already. Jerk.

I'll try to Remote Desktop in to it and find out why it's being a knob, but no promises. Everything might have to be lunged upon Grimnir (who is a bit spastic about passive ftp ports).

Cheerleader Cherie

How I loathe you Microsoft

Why do I need to reset the MIME types everytime I load another video on to the IIS server?

Answers on a postcard to:

Why are you such bastards?
c/o Microsoft
Bin 3 (Paper and Cardboard)
London Borough of Hammersmith Waste Management Services