November 9th, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

God bless the Popbitch

A traffic warden approached a man parking his car.
"You can't park there, that's a disabled bay"
He said "But I am disabled"
The warden replied "Really, what with?"
"Fucking Tourettes you cunt," replied the man.
"Now piss off."
Cheerleader Cherie

Today I have lost you.

I've officially lost my payment card today (of non-descript value) it will be sadly missed. Oddly enough I think I might be running foul of a treason charge for it as it were a Union Jack/Union Flag [chose your side and shut up] card. Hopefully they'll re-send the new one with the same design or I'll suicide.

I've also had to send out some emails saying "you ain't getting no cash 'ho", thankfully the responses have been "ok, we lub roo" rather than "bitch, don't make me have to pry it from yo dead fingaz".

Oh how I like being this gangsta, it makes me feel like a real man.
Cheerleader Cherie


I'm getting an omen to my horrific death.

A cuntish prick in a Gold Audi is going to kill me in another pointless and dangerous overtake.

I know this because for the third time within the last two months he nearly did it AGAIN.