December 23rd, 2006

Cheerleader Cherie

[Repent Heathen!] Christmas e-card

Yo. Some of you will have received this from an address, it is me. You'll be supprised how AOL's trend of annoying HTML tarted up emails have for once done something useful.

I couldn't get Yahoo or any kind of email programme to do this, except AOL. How odd.
Cheerleader Cherie

[Repent Heathen!] THEYRE SO MEEEENE!!111

passing through this forum and having a look at the streaming number of
complaints about the new £25 administration charge for downgrading a
tariff.I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but why do you think they
introduced it? Is it because of the cost of bicycle pumps in Western
Samoa?No, it's because of dealers and customers taking the piss. Each
network subsides the handsets, they make this back through the term of
your contract, so the higher tariff you get the less you pay (which
should be obvious why).So why are we so supprised that they've stopped
this? Seriously, you take on a higher tariff, they give you not only a
free phone but in most instances you get half price line rental and the
minute they try and make up for the discount you received you turn
around, take your line rental down to the minimum.Eventually they had
to put and end to it or they'd have to raise prices else where.
Considering that anything that they do will be greeted with "OMG HOW
DARE YOU" I think it's right they get the people who are doing this to
pay up instead of increasing call costs or line rental for the rest of
us.So do me a favour, stop bitching about how badly you're being done
by and look in the mirror for once, you've screwed it all for the rest
of us who need to/want to downgrade our tariffs legitimately.
Cheerleader Cherie

[Repent Heathen!] LIVES!

I've resurected from the dead, sort of.Google is now
offering a beta service called "Google Apps" which I've shunted on to. So now I have gmail as my mail service, Google
Page Creator on the main website (I had to use a subdomain as 'www'
still serves loads of content all over the place and I couldn't pull
it) and I've got a personalised start page and calendar address.So now
that is working it means all is nice in the universe.
Please also visit it, it's lovely and very retro. I'll be updating it
at some point to finish off friends and my photos pages.