December 29th, 2006

vapid bimbo getting railed

Sindra, WTF Get off my planet America.

Occasionally I partake in the viewing of a DVD based film, this afternoon was
no exception to this policy.

Having received an offer from LoveFilm for 3 free months if I return to them,
I of course had to do so (seeing as they threw money at me). So I have
rented an assortment of films and possibly some pornographics too, but I'm
not too sure.

Anyways, I viewed the film "V for Vendela" or was it Vendetta, one can not
remember. But on that lines it was safe to say it was a rather good film and
you bastards better see it or I'll show you unity through faith.

In some non-filmed activity I went off to work today to mash my keys in like
a monkey and get some crap out of my way for Tuesday, after such an
interesting event I went off to Tescos.

This isn't a very good idea, you see, I have Tesco rage. I get in, I know
what I want, I grab it, I pay for it and get the fuck out. But I'm always
prevented from doing so from parking jerks, old people, stupid families with
stupid children and thickos who think that an asile is a good place to have a
chat with their trollies blocking them.

Once I left with my 6.50 worth of goods I nearly was wound up enough to kill.

Thankfully I went off and had a MacDonalds to chill my hatred of humanity, it
was nice and cost me 3.33 oddly enough, crazy.

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