December 31st, 2006

vapid bimbo getting railed


Can shove their fucking despute resolution shit up their arse.



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vapid bimbo getting railed


Are also fucking pricks:

"Dear Customer,

We wanted to give you an update on the status of your order

We are sorry to inform you that we have been unable to obtain the
following item:

"AC Power Adaptor (Nintendo DS)"

This item has now been cancelled from your order and we can confirm that
you have not been charged for it.

Please accept our apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience

So I sent this to the knob ends:

"Thank you for cancelling my order and gracefully wasting my time. I would
appreciate it if you'd include some kind of other suggestion on where on Amazon
I could obtain a replacement power adapter for a Nintendo DS instead of sending

I'm fucking wound up about this as my DS doesn't work with out the electricity,
I ORDERED a replacement it took me FUCKING AGES to get the right one of Amazon
as their vague descrptions and shitty product images didn't help at all. Now I
got to find another. I can either order one from Nintendo, but I doubt they'll
have one, they might advise me to buy a new fucking DS because they're cunts
like that or I can try one of the various game shops, but what fucking chance
do I have? I'll probably have to drive 400 miles to get one, ARSE!

Fuck you Christmas, fuck you New Year and a hearty FUCK YOU UNIVERSE.

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vapid bimbo getting railed

I am still a rather smart chap.

Being bored is a rather good thing, it keeps my brain open to new stimuli.
Being in a string of jobs that bore the living daylights out of me and more
importantly finding out that I might have to obtain new employment again is now
making me consider that I should probably get on and try and do something that
not only pays the bills but that keeps me awake during the day.

But supprisingly this isn't some insightful post about 18 century musicals, in
fact, it's about porn.

I was reading an atricle on the gay facination about watching heterosexuals
going at it like rabbits (see:
made me have to pipe up and smash down the gay porn industry as the most boing
shit to hit this earth since sliced bread was given to us by the aliens off
Stargate SG-1.

--[Comment to Article]--
I can see your point in your statements, however, it is worth noting that
recently gay porn seems to be rather dull. I'd assume this is of course as a
result of the gay for pay phenomenon but it could be that it's glammed up to
the point it's no longer even original nor normal.

I admit I do enjoy watching a bit of the straight stuff but not because the
concept of hammering away at a woman's special place gives me a hard-on, but
it's that the men really do look like they're enjoying themselves profusely,
which is hardly what you get from an all male performance now days.

Sex is all about the situation and not just an ikea style image of part A going
in to part B and repeatedly flying about until it produces part C while crying
out "OH GOD YES DUDE". Nothing I find is more off putting than a rather lovely
muscle bound sex god surrounded by a plethora of genitalia with god knows how
much baby glue flying around the room having the look of "I wonder what I'll
have for my tea this evening. I could order a chinese or maybe a pizza, oh, I
still have that chicken and mushroom pie in the cupboard. Oh we're done."

Where as in straight man world you not only have the aura of masculinity
shouting obscenities while aggressively going at it but he actually does look
like he's in with the programme and not off in la-la land figuring out what he
needs to buy from the supermarket on his way home.

But that's just my view on it, I could be missing some of t'internets finest
pornographics if I wasn't too cheap to cough up $19.95 a month.


Agree or disagree I do not care, I just want to bash my meat off to some
gorgeous male enjoying sex like it should be done. Is that so much to ask?

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