January 12th, 2007

Little Miss Constipated

KevinCostelloe.tk - the orignal internet superstar


I have joined this Diino thing, therefore, I shall be using my DiinoWeb at KevinCostelloe.tk.  Be sure to drop by at some point as I'll start dumping files on there, and also I genuinely like the concept, so much so my useless 30mb usb key thing is now my Diino drive to use on unsuspecting PCs MAWAHAHAHAHA, etc.

Also might be using my Diino mail account, but if I do, don't worry as I'll just forward my Yahoo! Mail! Account! to my Diino one.
vapid bimbo getting railed

Girl you so cra-zay!

I'm registered with Experian's Credit Expert monitoring service, it's a useful
tool to view your credit details. However, it's a bit PSYCHOTIC.

Every month I get two or three texts declaring "ZOMG UR CRADET RAPEURT HAS
CHANGED!!111" so I go on the web site expecting to see 8bn in credit cards
taken out in my name, but no, it's usually Three updating my account status
with them adding yet another '0' to my report (meaning paid on time).

I understand the general concept of this, but it defeats the purpose. I'm now
ignoring these texts under the assumption it's another notch for the good guys,
when in fact, one day I might find myself with 200 baliffs questioning me about
a Porche.

So Experian, if it's good I don't care, if it's bad tell me about it. And stop
following me you psycho bitch, I haven't any futher bunnies for you to boil.

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Vagina Science!


I hate my finances, they're shit at best. But that is another story for
another time.

Currently, to avoid going in to a bad place if I have to work temp again if I
don't find a job before then, I've set-up a shit load of standing orders to
sort my money out in to nice piles and such and fire them off in to all

I'm also kuttingz my debit card for my NatWest account (I have another account
for post-bills money) so I can't tempt myself in to spending.

So, the be all and end all will be no access to cash unless it's through one
card only.

Oh Well. I want to get back on track so I can start living my life and not
just working to pay shit off.

Speaking of paying shit off, I've got another 12 months until my car loan is
done with HOORAY!

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