February 22nd, 2007


On Vox: I *heart* the Danish

I'm glad I have a server hosted in Denmark, if I didn't I wouldn't receive comedic status messages like these:

Dear Kevin

The Service Window Announcement as of yesterday has been prosponed to Friday, February 23, between 3.00 PM and 3.30 PM CET due to a heavy snowstorm blocking many roads. We are low in staff today as some of our staff has been trapped in their cars this morning.

Thank you for understanding.

XXXXX Support

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On Vox: Road Rage

Because I only have one hand free it doesn't quite represent fully the incident, also it's worth noting it was only my lack of depth perception looking at the screen that I hit my faux car, there wasn't any contact in the real life drama.

The number 9 car is the stupid bitch who cut me up and the smashed up sports car is mine.

I went to turn in to Maccas, this woman was in Aldis and instead of stopping she just went out in front of me and waved (as if I let her in), I honked at the ignorant bitch which she ignored and I also, before I realised it, gave her a two finger salute before resuming my trip in to MacDonalds.

That my friends is unintentional road rage.

Also unlike the reconstruction I didn't stop, but since I had one had free to move objects I improvised in my crime watch style reconstruction!

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On Vox: AOL gets more spam than you can imagine.

I own the domain aol.cx and now I know why it was free on that fateful day, er, when ever I registered the thing.  I was searching for a domain to do aliens/ufo stuff with and I thought Aliens OnLine, unfortunately it turns out that I failed to factor in the internet giant of a similar name.  I manically put distance between the two names pretty damn fast so I'm sure there won't be any kind of solicitor showing up at my door any time soon.

Anyways, I've installed a mx backup service on my US based server to handle mail should Grimnir go tits up, I've been moving one name at a time and the first one being aol.cx.

I've been looking at the live stats and aol.cx is getting aol.com spam like you can't imagine, I'm sure this is spammer logic though.  I didn't realise how much shit Grimnir had to fob off from these cunts.  I might have to change the DNS back around as there are a handful that seem not to be on Spamhaus's massive zen list (although I might just pile on more blacklists to finish the rest off).

How very iritating.  Also, that is a screen shot of aol.cx if you don't believe me.

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