March 11th, 2007


On Vox: Using your brakes kills!

What the fuck are the government up to?  I'm used to this green nazi shit, I can deal with some seriously mad ideas from filthy hippy scum like "wee in your compost heap" or "run down cats in the road, they're compostable" but seriously, when the government tries telling me that using my brakes when driving is KILLING OUR PLANET AND IT'S ALL THE FAULT OF THE MOTORIST, then I'm afraid you better get out of Westminster you fucking morons.

Obviously the government thinks we all purposely drive in start-stop traffic and disregard our superior rail and public transport links (which are not only dirt cheap but efficient to the second) and that we all race at every possible occasion.   And we all know this government is way beyond the orbit of public opinion but this is fucking mad.

Even more so is the uber-green twat on BBC News just a moment ago (who has probably never seen a car in his potato built survivalist compound), telling us we should switch the car in to neutral while driving.  WHAT THE FUCK, you idiot, that by definition falls straight into the "not in control of a motor vehicle" category of a road traffic offence.

Don't get me wrong, we have to do something to save our planet or we're all fucked, but there is a fine line between a realistic approach (like recycling, turning off lights and standby equiptment, etc) and completely fucking barking mad concepts like culling every cow on the planet to cut back the 10% green house gas they produce through flatulence.

And a reminder for our feline composing dirty fucking hippy population, there is a reason why nobody likes you fucking cunts, it's because you smell of 60 day old streaked out undercrackers and because the fucking pot has messed up your already dwindling brain cell count.

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