July 20th, 2007


Answer Release is God’s Gift to Humanity

As usual a little bit of rain ABSOLUTELY CRIPPLES HUMANITY.  Today at the place of business I like to call work we had to field the usual business in this kind of weather:

Caller: Hello, I’ve broken down
Кевин:  What is the issue?
Caller: I drove through a puddle…
Кевин: … you mean a large body of water that used to be the M6?
Caller: Yes.
Кевин: HoldAndIllPutYouThroughToYourAccidentManagementTeamOKBI

I don’t understand people.   If it looks deep, probably best to avoid it.  More importantly, if the fire brigade have to rescue you, then chances are, it’ll have to go on the insurance and not under “general maintenance”.

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