July 26th, 2007



ЖЖ (LJ) no longer interests me, it bores me to death since all the furry emos came to town, but I still read it so it doesn’t go out of style.

But this is not a post about ЖЖ.  It is about NatWest who put me in to a RAGE today.  They sent me a shitty threatening letter, then had the audacity to make my only contact ROBOBITCH.

I’M NOT HAVING THAT.  If you’re going to be shits then at least have the decency to TALK TO ME IN PERSON not some automated bitch saying PRESS ONE IF YOU INTEND ON PAYING OR TWO IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO A RUNNER.  Piss off you bastards.

It’s even their fault too, which made it worse.  So I got back on the phone and declared to the poor lady on the other end IwanttoclosemyfuckingaccounttellmewhatthefuckIneedtodobitch!

So that’s what I’m doing monday morning.  I’m clearing out my funds, moving my loan and closing my bank account.  All because of an automated attendant filling the role a person should.  This my friends is what they call a “bad business decision”.

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