July 12th, 2009


Randomly sunday

I'm quite enjoying my city based sunday, so far I have set up my flat to a nice
comfortable living area (as you have probably gathered) it's starting to get sunny and
warm so I've upened up the windows to let in some air. I've got good signal on the
broadband so I can surf and listen to RadioFG over the wifi radio. All in all it's going

Not everything of course is going well, but really at least something is for once.

Anyways, it's been a while since I posted anything anywhere, I've kind of gone reclusive
to be honest, but I guess that can be normal some times. I'm also contemplating a whole
lot of random things now from the meaning of life to what phone I should upgrade to when
my contract is up in August.

I've also started to look for a second job as well, I found one that I rather hope I get,
it's a late shift from 11pm to 4am friday and saturday nights which is good as I can't
afford to have friday or saturday nights at the moment. Good times.

I've also got 4.35 left on the electric meter, so hopefully that will last until the end
of the month so I can finally use the new key and send this one back to EDF. But fair
play to it, I ran for 4 months on a 50 quid top-up. I'm also destined to get my water
bill and gas bills shortly AND my TV licence will drop to 12 a month in august (if not
september) YEAH!

So that's pretty much the news at the moment so I'll start writing junk more often to
prove that I still alive. Especially now that I have a decent command line client on
Maggie Thatcher (my iMac).
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