March 10th, 2010


3 Customer Support - Addressing Around The Issue

It's worth mentioning, I've not received a phone call on my mobile or my home line.  So I've had to re-register my email address in My3 so they'll email me back.  Another 5-10 days for a reply appearently.  Honestly why is this shit so difficult.  Your service isn't working, your customer services are not helping me out.  Don't fuck about DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Dear Mr. Kevin Welford-Costelloe,

Thank you for your recent email.

To protect our customers’ data, we can only respond to an email address that has been registered with us. We’ve tried calling you several times without success. Please call us on 500 FREE from your 3 mobile (or 0843 373 0500 from any other phone*) and we’ll sort things out swiftly.

When you call us, you can also update your contact details and register this email address so, in future, we can respond directly.

Best wishes

Prashant Gopalan
3 Customer Services
0843 373 3333 Welcome to our network.

*Calls charged at your national rate.