May 20th, 2010


What a bunch of scum lords

I really really hate Debt Collectors, they've taken my complaint "seriously" and have come back to me with a shining example of how fairly they treat their "customers":-

Mr Costelloe,

I am in receipt of your below email and I note the contents accordingly.

I have reviewed the calls in question and they have also been subjected to our strict monitoring procedure conducted by our Call Quality Manager. Neither of us found the conduct of Marianne, in the initial call, to fall below minimum standards.

Contrary to your statement below she did not state that legal proceedings had already commenced. She did however confirm that legal action was pending. Furthermore Marianne did not refuse to deal with your debt management company what she did state was that she could not accept a minimum payment offer. This policy is not of Marianne’s making, it is however the instructions that have been passed to us by our clients. Instructions that we are contracted to abide by.*

Throughout the course of the call Marianne made no ‘demand’ for the full payment to be made.

I am afraid that I cannot concur with your version of events below and I do not consider our agents conduct to have been below-par.

Should you wish a copy of this recording I would ask you to make this in writing and mark it for my attention.


Rob Sands
Compliance Manager

* of course they are also required to abide by what the OFT dictate as acceptable practice but choose not to pay any attention, because of course their "clients wishes" come first.  Bearing in mind that this DCA has already bought the debt from the "client" and spent a whole lot less.

I am of course willing to pay this debt like all the other debts I have, but at the same time I have bills, council tax, council tax arrears, gas, electric, transportation, food and the whole lot to deal with.  As the change of circumstances last year with the fucking cunt chops who won't be named (but I'm sure you'll find their name else where on this journal) basically I don't have large sums of cash edit: any spendable income or life outside working to pay bills.

So I'm going to challenge these pricks as I'm not being threatened by anybody and I know perfectly well that if I get a CCJ out of it the magistrate will make me pay what is in my capability, which is pretty much a fairly low figure on a monthly basis, to which I have already offered them.  They are of course in a position to do a bankruptcy order, but that can be staved off with a quick £100 payment taking it below the threshold for such action, but even still a court would be very reluctant to do that when I have other creditors who I owe a whole lot more to.