January 17th, 2011

Hee hee!

This is not the subject you are looking for.

Before I start it's worth mentioning there is a rather fit lad over on t'otherside of the coach. This is why I enjoy my journeys on the rails.

Anyways, last night I was posting some junk on to the monkey box which is my former vox blog that I setup and literally just post shite to it with no actual thought. This of course made me think why don't I post like I used to. This journal was at some point a very substantial part of my life and still is.

In fact I think I posted something like this a few times over and I really need to get back in to that old skool blog groove that made the livejournal the bad ass it is today.

I think it's safe to say that pulling out SocialScope and making a post to Twitter and Facebook is much easier than logging on to LJ and actually making an effort.

So let me start seeing as on my train journeys I have PLENTY of time to get on with it.

This morning has been shit for various reasons already one of which happens to be the various amount of times I woke up during. The night, not having a proper bed is a bit of a psychological head fuck and quite uncomfortable. But around midnight I woke up to another fight outside smashing bottles kicking around his mate, really quite bothersome binge drinking is. I wonder if these people even take the opportunity to think what kind of assholes they are in the morning.

Then at 4am and 4.30 I was up in a mild panic that I managed to miss my train or that I woke up at 7am, this is what three days off does to me, it messes with my routine!

This weekend has been another humdrum waste of my time, barely went out and no good films on the television. I even got grunted at by a customer service trained drone in Tesco (she literally grunted out her words) for having three items in a three item queue. Clearly they're not hiring from the good stock of people who aren't pointless assholes.

Other than that I have managed to damage my rucksack, have a look...

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How uncool, the otherside is just as fooked, I may have to invest in another one.

Oh that reminds me, on my way to asda on Saturday night some yob types were lingering down the end of my road, they started to make a shitty attempt at a rap with if there is a lappy in there it'll be gone (and repeat) he didn't move out my way so I barged his wigger ass down. Tosser.

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Liz Jones take a moment to boil your head.

liz Jones is an utter cockass without a shadow of a doubt.

It's hard to pick the parts I find offensive, smug and self obsessed from the pile of steaming shit that happens to be burned in to the side of the Internet. But she pretty much lost me (and the plot) when she starts moaning about her veggie burger.

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