April 11th, 2011


I eat ur delishus hooman braynez

Well another day and another dollar and all that jazz. I'm just sat down at Weatbury station in the anti-social holding pen because I took a leap of faith in the weather not being shite. How wrong I was!

It's quite cold I must admit and I could do with not freezing to death! So much for this being spring like temperatures! If only it would be less gloom and more sun!

I have to report that this weekend was alright but I made the mistake of having a «quick drink» after work on Saturday, having not actually eaten anything that day except a pastry from the Spar and a sausage outside Temple Meads when I got back in to Bristol what I drank (which wasn't a whole lot) had quite a serious effect and I actually don't remember how I got home in the end. Which is a scary prospect at best.

I'm glad the last time I got in to a state like that it was about a year ago so not by any means a regular thing.

I'm sure most of you took the time last night to watch the Walking Dead on good old Channel 5, I forgave 90 minutes of sleep to see it and I'm quite glad I did! First shot of the programme was the fine chested police man blowing the brains out of a zombie little girl. BOOYAKASHA!

There were odd bits but hit the spot with creepy half torso zombie, room full of zombies, dead eaten hooker ad crazy Atlanta zombie hoard. Although it is curious why if you were in a tank why you wouldn't at least try to get that bad boy running.

But that might just be me!

OMG is just saw a hare the size of a 4 year old dashing across a field! How random the countryside can be.

I'm not totally looking forward to work today, it's been so unbelievably busy over the last few weeks and the whole day just passes by without realising it nor having the time for my ass to hit the ground! I still seem to be dragging on the effects of a cold and my nose is bunged up a bit but other than that I remain un ill, which is strange.

Now that my train is pulling in to the station I think this will conclude my post.

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