May 28th, 2011

Smoking is Evil

This is a day late post....

I was going to write this post yesterday from my awesome direct train from work to home.  That was supposed to be the easy bit but it turns out that Windows and iPhone combined somehow don't equal easy.

This meant not only did I have to listen to some pointless Chelsea bitches go on and on about their vacant and utterly pointless lives all the way to Bath Spa but I also missed out on LiveJournal time.

I have recently got my Compaq Evo N600C out of it's storage space but I also made an effort to fix what turned out to be a known fault.  The space bar stopped working which was quite problematic, unlessofcourseyoutypedlikethisallthetime.  I MADE The G00GLES for a solution which came out with LAWL GO TO KOMPAK STORES AND ROFL A NEU KAYBERD111.  This would be easy, with the exception of Compaq being a figment of HP's imagination now.

Clearly that was not going to stop me, so I did an eBay search for keyboards for this model.  Most were between £19 (with £10 P&P) and £30.  Not being anything other than utterly cheap I found a French layout keyboard for a fiver.  The only thing about it is, well, I'll shows you it: 

I'm getting used to it, it's cropping up some funky auto-pilot typing but I think I can win this challenge over the rip off Britian (assholes on eBay over charging for shit).

Other than that everything is normal, so carry on your business earth people.