August 12th, 2011


I have an announcement...

Today I'm here to tell you I'm bi.....cycling to work now!

I've been given a set of two wheels to make the trip back and forth on the 3 mile journey to work and the station.

It's quite a nice bike too and it's first run will be this evening. How fun!

Well I say fun, it's been er, almost 20 years since I last mounted a push bike so this could be quite interesting.

But let me tell you a tale of last night in the interim. Nothing interesting just spent my time rushing around to get to the night glow at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta to meet up with a friend staying in my flat. First managed to faux pad on the bus front as now days it turns out you can't get anywhere for less than £2. Having only had £1,50 I'm sure you can see the issue.

Thankfully the bus driver took pity and dropped me off one stop over the "three stop hop" ticket he sold me for a quid. Good man.

I then tried to enter the grounds of the event only to be told "it's closed". Bad times considering I even crossed a dual carriage way to get there.

Eventually after about 45 minutes managed to meet up and got a free journey on the bus home.

Got back, had a couple drinks and followed by a kebab and chips it was all over.

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