October 4th, 2011

What a State

Me Making Blog! Writey Writey!

So I've not made a real entry since the middle of September, snap!

Not many things happened since then (how boring) other than leaving my job and spending my free time seeking alternative employment. There are of course a few exciting things on the horizon though but not over the next couple weeks, so I'm doing my hardest to get some temp work going for that time frame.

I finally joined the 21st century as well, I took advantage of at least two BT offers and got a fixed line, broadband and TV. All of which are working out fantastically, more so that my installation which is £130 normally was dropped down to £0.

Thankfully it won't make a mega hit on the old finances as it's only a couple quid more than with what I was spending on my 3 Mobile Broadband.

I'm afraid until my life is more exciting (and I suspect it soon will be when I start working closer to home) this post will remain dull.


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