March 13th, 2012

Pete Burns is weird.

In the canteen listening to the FG beats.

Updates are rife across the Internet on the complete spazual nature of what has been lovingly called "spaz hands", and by loving I mean they fooking annoy me.

My arm was taken out of the cast not long ago but I still can't do a fathom of a useful activity with my right hand, as for the left it's got moments but mostly on the mend.

It's still frustrating not being back on my feet fully and the extra cost of having to take these piss soaked peasant wagons everywhere is un-amusing. But on the flip side of that is I'm shit scared about getting back on my bike, it gives me nightmares.

The man who stupidly pulled out on me without looking better have some kind of emotional trauma of seeing me sheet white covered in blood, otherwise it'll just be me who pays for this utter mess; and I don't like paying.

On that aspect, I'm still waiting for the police to make a prosecution so I can jump on and make my claim.

Other than that, life is dull.

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