April 4th, 2012

I'm not buying it.

I hate Wednesday.

First of all, what the fuck?

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Secondly, today as been an absolute fucking desperate heap of shit.

First of all, I cycle in to work feeling like I got a knife in my arm as per usual. But of course that wasn't soon to be a problem when I got a puncture in Filton. Yes, Filton being three god damn miles away from Aztec West.

So of course, dismount, investigate and shed tears in the rain.

There is a moment in everybody's life where you have a string of bad times which is followed by one minor event that just makes you want to find a train station and leg it in to the path of the next service through. If it wasn't for the entry gates and the price of an Anytime fare I'd probably have checked the time tables.

However, it just got better and better. Finally get to work a good 40 minutes late and that much more moist than when I had left home. I went to lock up what is now the most trying thing in my life, drop the fucking lock on the floor and I shit you not it fucking smashes one of my reflectors.

At that stage I'm just not amused, of course why the hell would the universe let you off with smashing in to the road at speed, suffering a month in a cast, two months of physiotherapy, police who just can't be fucked screwing you out of compo and justice and the fear of traffic without swiftly kicking you in the face by not only busting up your tyre but of course smashing your fucking reflector.

That trend continued with more than one event of utter shitness throughout the day.

Rach picked me up an inner tube and a patch kit from Halfords so made an effort at giving that a go, epicly failed so had to hide my bike in a toilet so it remained insured rather than at the mercy of pikeys.

Now I'm just in bed literally honking of sausage, I love sausage but not really interested in the stank.

Just sayin'

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