September 26th, 2017


My WordPress has died.

I have some how managed to kill my wordpress site, it seemed to have gone in to a crazy spin of memory hogging.  Rightfully my web host would then kill the processes, and knock out the website for some time.

Now I'm in a crisis of blogging proportions.  I'm thinking of moving back to LiveJournal but trying to figure out how exactly I bring my domain across.

I've done tests with it's hit and miss.  Sometimes it redirects to, sometimes it doesn't.

It's all very, very strange.


Tragic Situations

As I do each night from the hike back in to Paris, I returned home to watch a bit of crap television.  Seeing as I have Panorama by Canal, it's safe to say I have A LOT of crap I can watch.

But tonight, not at all lucky, I found out that because SFR has Discovery Channels as an exclusive, they've been removed from my line up.  This is not normally a problem, because who actually watches The Discovery Channel ?

It turns out that they also run literally the TWO channels I watch, 13ème Rueand SyFy#FUCK

Considering that there is no way in the coldest of hells, that I would ever want to deal with SFR ever, I've got to find my beloved programming elsewhere.  If I had tear ductsand didn't have attachment issues, I'd probably cry.

Now I'm watching Cash Investigation on France 2, because quite frankly I have fallen that low already.