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So, I've just registered for a savings account with my bank, which is good because I now have a savings plan I *must* adhere to!

Heres my plan:

Each month I end I usually/always have an excess balance of £100 or more,
recently I've just kept that money and spent it in the next month, but the balance I end with each month will go into my new savings account (ex this month depending on when an outstanding cheque is cashed I may put in £171 or just the £71 if the cheque is cashed prior to the 27th.) I will also add a £50 to the amount I add in to the savings account at the end of the month. So if I end with £171 then I will transfer £221 into the account.

I will not touch the money until I'm ready to purchase a wanted item or in the event that I over spend in a month to avoid the bank owning my soul. Other than that, no touchy!

Anyways, that's my plan, with any luck it'll work, well actually, it better work, no wait, it WILL work!

If anybody really wants to let me know their savings-habits just leave a comment (for non-LJ users I kept [and always will keep] anonymous posting on).

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