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ohhh, look at all that monkey

It's early morning on a monday, why am I up at 03:56? I have no idea
I should really be in bed, but I guess I'm in one of those moods where bed is not
the best place to be. Many-a-thoughts are speeding through my head
some thoughts question heterosexuality and others question why is the sky blue,
but the most prominent <==(probably spelled wrong, but is 4am so fuck off)==
though is the love I have for somebody who has no clue of it and may not accept
it, why does love work this way? I have no clue, but I feel I should tell him that
I love him although I may loose him as a result or even have him closer to me
than I've ever dreamed. What a perplexing <==(probably spelled wrong again, so I
refer to what time it is)== decision. Well that should be all for my semi-awake rant.
good night.

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