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See what you can do (for a 50p a minute call)... O2

So I got in contact with O2 as a so rarely do
as their 'customer service' is highly over priced, but anyways thats another story althogether.

So I had to call them to have international roaming activated as I'm going to Frenchland (France) on Saturday and I can't live with out my precious ability to send text messages. So I rang 5151 and asked the nice Irish lady to de-bar my international roaming, which she claimed to do, and I thought thats good, it's been done with a 2 minute call and only a cost of £1 hurrah!

But today, I called in to confirm it and appearently the bar was still on, the international direct dial was un-barred but the roaming wasn't and to make it worse
the not so lovely lady put me on hold which at the end amounted to a call cost of around £2.50-£3. Gah, I think they did that to leech the extra amount off of me, but oh well it's all good now :o)

Finally, the BEST bit of the call, which made the entre spendature worth it, is I could hear a customer care bloke screaming at a customer, it was so amusing! It was hard not to laugh, I could hear him yelling "No sir, ok sir, sir, thank you, sir, thanks for calling O2, good bye sir!", that was brilliant!

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