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America, again

I've been reading this then found to my horror these replies to it:

"My wife and I were planning a trip to the Atlantic coast provinces of Canada for late spring 2003," writes David Samuel of Baltimore, Maryland. "In light of the Canadian citizens who plan to use themselves as 'human shields' against Saddam we have decided to vacation elsewhere. Our preference will be a country free of such morons."

Frank Tricario of Seattle, Washington: "The Canadian morons who have gone to Iraq as human fodder deserve to be blown up. Your nation is not under attack. We Americans will defend our people and will destroy any terrorist nation be it Iraq or whomever. Wake up Canada before your ass is blown up. Grow up and face this religious war."

Joseph Ames Jr., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: "'I'm not too scared,' Vandas told CBC News Online the day before she left. I think it will be a powerful experience.' It will be a powerful experience for this twit, alright. It will be the power of a 500 kg Smart Bomb landing on her apparently empty skull...."

Roy Patrick, Bakersfield, California: "It's too bad that so many misguided Canadians feel the need to physically involve themselves in opposition to our war against terrorism. Where were these folks when 3,000 people were murdered in New York? Saddam Hussein is a despot the world can, and should, do without. In the opinion of our leaders he is the head of the worldwide terror network...."

Norine Holland, Hampton, Virginia: "I am an American who had great respect for Canadians, having grown up in a border city and spent many, many hours in your country as a family member of hockey players and figure skaters. I hope Canada understands that Americans are FED UP with militarily defending your socialistic freedom, while you stab us in the back...."

Jeff Zeller, Washington, D.C.: "Each new day sees more and more Americans come to the realization that Canada is our enemy."

It makes me scared, Americans haven't got the point and probably never will because they've been brainwashed by the War Machine. These people were going to be 'human shields' ALONG with 20-40 Americans, yet that was not mentioned in the US.

And finally these are two people who are going over to Iraq to act as a shield in places like hospitals and water plants which if distroyed means THE PEOPLE of Iraq would have a near impossible time getting along on their own after Bush changes regimes, which could lead to EVEN WORSE situation for the world, the Iraqi people would be even more hateful of America if they were left high and dry like the Afghani people.

I'm glad, even PROUD these people are doing this protecting the Iraqi PEOPLE, not the regime, from terrorists and YES the American Government ARE terrorists, the American people are also BECOMING terrorists, you and only YOU can stop this madness yet you
don't make the effort to learn the TRUTH, you just sit there and listen to the propiganda machine and wonder why the world HATES you.

America, it's time to wake up what you're doing is WRONG, you shame the people
who died on September 11th by using them as an excuse to terrorise other nations, you even terrorise your 'allys' by deciding anybody who objects to the War Machine must
be a terrorist nation.

I suspect alot of hate comments, but maybe it's time for that, even if 3 people
write something on the lines of 'Not all americans are like this, I object fully to everything I seen here, i think the comments were wrong and the war against iraq is wrong too' I will feel better knowing that there is some sanity in the madness that is The United States Of America.

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