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Two things

1) I found £6 in one of my pockets this morning
2) the following person is incompitent/whiney:

RE: Mrs. Field's, Mt. Shasta Mall., Redding, CA 96002 - shocked at $ 2.25 price for
one brownie with walnuts

Yesterday I went to your store in the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding, California 96002.
I purchased a brownie with walnuts. It was approximately 3" X 1 & 1/2". The girl
rang up $2.25.

I was completely shocked but I went ahead and paid for it. When I got home, it took
only 4 smaller than average bits to eat it all. I thought that was outragely
overpriced and it was on the dry side.

I was very unhappy with this experience. I have always purchased your Frozen pies
and have been very happy with them but I will never purchase another cookie from
that shop again.


Sylvia Schrumpf
Redding, Ca 96002

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