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Boredom (again)

Today has been a farly eventful, I went into Melksham to get David a christmas present, I won't mention the gift here as he may read it ;) but it's not the gift its self thats important, it's the card. When I saw the card I knew thats *the* card, it sounds a bit cheese but the bit on the front is a pretty good rendition of what I feel (again I'll post later on about it).

Anyways, not only did that but I was about to wrap it earlier and realised we have no celo-tape so I've got to nick some from work tomorrow ;)

Continuing on, I also got myself a Blockbuster membership for those times where I want to see a movie but not pay £19.99 to own it (ex Ali G in da house which I rented today).

Well thats pretty much my sunday, Saturday was melow, stayed in all day which was nice because my head was a bit... err... thick from Friday evening ;o)

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