Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I'm going to update my email address again (yes I know) but this is because of technical problems, I've been made aware that LFC Hosting's email server is bouncing messages because it can't handle the way my whitelist operates (no I'm not removing the whitelist, I'm living SPAM free and it's bliss).

So I'm chaning to nrgmedia.org.uk because it's already hosted on Port995's mail system,
unlike nrgmedia.org which is on lfc hosting's email server, and of course since it's with port995 it'll have no problems at all with the whitelist.

I was aiming to do this today, but port995 has other plans.

(text reads: Live activation of services is currently unavailable. This is most likely due to system maintenance. Your account will be activated as soon as the activation service is restarted.)

Anyways, remember the new email address is (when port995 will activate it):

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