Кевин (mmn) wrote,

IT Hairstyles

Me and Jon are discussing IT Hairstyles on Out. If you've sat infront of a computer for more than 20 minutes you probably had one of these styles listed in our chat snippet below:

bbckevin: I've decided the "fucking html work dammit" hair style doesn't look well on me. [Fri 17/01/03 23:48]

jononline: Try the 'just show me the fucking data you heap of shit!' hairdo. [Fri 17/01/03 23:49]

bbckevin: I've tried that one before, the "boot you fucking server" look works well with my hair colour though. [Fri 17/01/03 23:50]

jononline: I haven't tried that one. I'm not sure what goes best with my current shade of conker. [Fri 17/01/03 23:51]

bbckevin: The "I didn't mean format that drive!" should work no problem with your hair colour. [Fri 17/01/03 23:53]

jononline: I'm experimenting with the 'What do you mean, I can't undo a 'DROP ALL_TABLES' database command?' look. [Fri 17/01/03 23:56]

bbckevin: Let me know how it works for you, I may use it soon. [Fri 17/01/03 23:58]

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