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Well it's 03:17 EST and I'm sitting in an internet café on Younge and Irwin Sts. Why, because my "quality" PC decided to not work. Anyways, thats not why I am posting this up here. On my way to the iCafé (a new spelling I just invented) this guy came upto me and said "my car broke down [and he points to a black pontiac on Church and Something -- I was walking down Davenport Rd.] and I need a bit of gas to get me to Peterborough (about 3-4 hours outside of T.O. -- he claimed he lived there), I appologize for doing this, but I have no cash at all me and a few friends just got out of a bar, blah, blah, blah. So being me and knowing how much it sucks to get stuck in another city and no way to get out I go "I hope this'll help [and I give him $5]" then he says can you spare $10 [Luckly I only cary $5.00 or less after 10pm] and I say "sorry thats all I have" then he asks to be pointed in the direction of a phonebooth and voila there is one in the Gas station accross the street. He thanks me and takes off. Then the car he claimed was his takes off from the Rabba on the corner. Need less to say I was a bit pissed off that he ripped me off, not cash wise as it was only $5, but morally wise, really I could (and did) run into homeless people who actually needed even the smallest amount of money for food/water and I couln't help them out because this *thing* (no longer human) decided to scam people for their helpfulness. But I'm not going to be angry about it as it's a waste of my time to do so. All that I know is it will comeback to get him later in life and I hope it hurts too -- like being hit by the Younge Street Blue Night bus, or being pushed infront of a subway by an excaped mental paitent who is still at large. Anyways that is all for my rant, if you wish you may comment on my web-board at:


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