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More O2

This month I got a shock when I saw my mobile bill, because O2 had again fucked up my tariff.

I orignally purchased a o2 sim only package which saved me £5 a month
but after switching me back to my "correct" tariff from the MMS package I never
asked for they've put me on the full tariff.

So now instead of my line rental being £25 it's gone up to £30
and my 2MB free GPRS, well thats gone too, my GPRS usage for 3.5MB should have been
a charge for £2.00 but it's £8.81!

I've just got off the phone with o2 and they claim it'll be fixed along with a credit for my £8 call to their 50p a minute client "care" line.

If my tariff is still stuck at £30 a month then I'll be forced to take my complaint to OFTEL ..... or demand they give
me a free handset of my choice seeing as I'm paying for it.

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