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Bath FUN!

Went into Bath today orignally just for measure-thingys for alcohol, but ended up going shopping.

I ended up getting a few games at GAME which cost me about £50, then headed up to HMV and got the Japanese versions of The Ring and got a Gameboy Advance SP, bought Doom on the spot and ordered Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 off of
an un-named online shop.

When I was in HMV I found a very...errr... scary section, the hetero-porn section!
It caught me off guard considering I went via the childrens section to get to the games section. When I saw it I thought "Can they sell *THAT* in public" (picture a video titled Dirty Whore Gang Bangs with an image of a nice lady receiving it in any open hole, yeah I thought so).

But whatever, I'm sure the kiddies have to learn about it somewhere and it might as well be next to Lilo and Sitch.

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