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I've had a computer free weekend, mainly because on firday night I could no longer look at a monitor, so I decided that it would be best for my eyes to kill it for an extended period (I'm also probably doing the same next friday to monday).

Anyways, back at work using these evil eye murdering devices and I took the time to check my bank account. Not only did NatWest change the layout to their new colours but they must have added the "Make Online Banking Fucking Un-usable" module. I figured this when I went to check my statement and it came up with ONE transaction, I thought "there is no fucking way the only thing I've done in the past 30 days was take £50 out of a cash point" I was correct I had to generate a new statement and play around with the options. Needless to say I'm not amused, I want to check all transactions in a 30 day period, why? because I know where I've spent my money instead of making a random guess from the items that have been after my last statement (seeing as my statement and pay have different dates).

But whatever, I digress... continuing on, I also decided to install a copy of SquirrelMail to my webserver only because I want to have a webmail system just for me! (yes, a stupid reason).

I've also been adding to the man images on the gallery and have done sweet FA on my website.

That is all for now.

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