Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I love wrong numbers

I received a call on my mobile tonight from a random number I've never seen from a girl I've never met who was convinced my name is "Jamie". Thankfully I didn't pick up as she was your classic American idiot, here is a small writing of her message:

Like hi Jamie, I totally missed your call but my phone got it, well I'm just calling you back and like I'm packing, so like give me a call, I'm sure the number is on your caller ID...

at that point I pressed '3' and the message was deleted (thank fucking god).

I was tempted to ring back and say "Jamie said he doesn't like you and he'll also drive you to Heathrow if you promise to burn your passport and never return".

It iritates me as first off she didn't follow correct voicemail procedure,
if the message sounds different to what it did AN HOUR AGO by all means CHECK THE NUMBER AND CALL IT AGAIN.

Secondly, LEAVE A NUMBER saying "it's probably on your caller ID" is stupid.

There.... I forgot what else I was saying...

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