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(pas de sujets)

This happens to be the prefect example of a shit bot attempting to sell me porn:

Session Start (Yahoo! - Energy1079:irregularagitatedfemail): Mon May 12 14:03:28 2003

irregularagitatedfemail: Hi.. you there?
Energy1079: errr... yes
irregularagitatedfemail: a/s/l (age sex location)? lemmme look at your profile
irregularagitatedfemail: im 27/f/los angles
irregularagitatedfemail: so what hhave you been up to energy1079?
Energy1079: and you obtained my YIM username from where?
irregularagitatedfemail: cool. i was just hangin out waching tv. i was getting kinda horny :)
Energy1079: you're a bot#
irregularagitatedfemail: what?? whhat is a bot?
Energy1079: and a bad one at that.
Energy1079: slapper
irregularagitatedfemail: feel like a little cyber fun with me ? pleqse please...
irregularagitatedfemail: was that a yes?
Energy1079: I suggest you remove the mains cable from your computer. kthnxbi
irregularagitatedfemail: ill just take thaat as a yes :)
*** irregularagitatedfemail has been ignored.
Session Close (irregularagitatedfemail): Mon May 12 14:06:01 2003

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talk about persistence! :)

..i just got the same bitch..

heh.. that same cunt tried that shit on me just now.

irregularagitatedfemail: feel like aa little cyber fun with me ? please please...
bleed emo: heh.. im not 12 anymore.
irregularagitatedfemail: i have some pics on my homepage the ink is in my profile, still working on it ...
irregularagitatedfemail: oh.. neevermind. take care...

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