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One of the two resident arseholes seems to have this idea that I care about every little thing he has say and all his little problems, but not only that but that he has every right to be a fuckwit about it.

He came to me earlier about MINOR problems that CAN and WILL wait for the other more IMPORTANT things that need doing, like my MAIL SERVERS which have at random decided to BOTH go tits up at once or even the PUBLIC FILES SERVER that also decided that it was perfectly OK to no longer accept connections or how about the office in Glasgow that needs to get ADSL since BT FUCKED it up.

But no, he's more important than EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY.

I also don't appreciate the ATTITUDE I just received when he STORMED in DEMANDING
that I come an view a pop-up error he's received in FUCKING OUTLOOK, I'm sorry haven't you heard of a phone? Oh thats right you FUCKWIT you can't dial an internal extention from your MOBILE which you INSIST on using WHILE AT YOUR FUCKING DESK.

Here, next time you come to me with your attitude do you have any idea what I'll say, well here this is what I'll tell you:



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