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Post banking Trauma

I've been traumatised by money!

First off I did my monthly money move, which found my current account about £200-£300 lighter than normal (however my savings went up), then after doing that I did the "How hard are my direct debits going to hit my account" ritual, thankfully it's not too bad... yet (I have one un accounted for [date and amount]).

I thought, brilliant, sorted. However I received my pay slip a few hours after, on that I found my back pay and overtime have added an extra £100 to my fucking taxes, I made £110 (approx.) extra this month and ALL BUT TEN FUCKING QUID of it has not been burgled taxed by Inland Revenue.

That one gave me a little shock, however I'll be the one laughing when the bastards give me a refund for my over taxation for the past year or so.

On another note something happened to djg_uk today, but I'm not going to post it yet (or maybe at all) as I've never once been that worried/scared shitless in my life.

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