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I'm just listening to this Sean Paul track and it's brought a few memories from my childhood.

I have a friend named Mark who is of Jamaican decent, he lives with his grandmother and most of his cousins/auntie/etc I remember one occasion where his cousin purchased a toy shotgun, you know a really cheap and nasty plastic piece of shite, anyways when we all returned to his place (we were about 9-10) his grandmother saw this purchase and do you have any clue what she did? Well all you could hear was a booming


And his grandmother (who was about 65-70 at the time) came running out of the house with a wooden spoon yelling why you go buy that now, you know me no want that business in my house of course in all his sense he ran like his life depended on it and she followed suit.

After that I learned one thing, no matter how old somebody is if you press the right button they'll chase you down and beat you silly.

I did quite enjoy those times in my otherwise dire childhood, Grandma (as she was called by all) kept me from doing stupid shit during my life, because I knew if I fucked up she would treat me like one of her own and give me a lesson I'd probably never forget, which is of course more than what my biological parents would have done.

So yeah, thats a random post for tonight but whatever.

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