Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Do you know what playing Yoshi's Island 3: Super Mario Advance for the SECOND TIME AROUND can do to a person?

However, I'm sorted by tomorrow-ish

We thought you would like to know that the following items have been
sent to:

Kevin Costelloe

using Royal Mail (1-2 business days).

Your order #202-8948788-0571009 (received 24 May 2003, 14:49 BST)
Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal
1 Super Mario Advance XX.99 GBP 1 XX.99 GBP
Sold by Amazon International Sales, Inc.

1 Super Mario World - Super Mari XX.99 GBP 1 XX.99 GBP
Sold by Amazon International Sales, Inc.

Subtotal Including VAT: XX.98 GBP
Delivery Charges Including VAT: 2.39 GBP
Total Including VAT: XX.37 GBP
VAT 17.50 GBP%: X.80 GBP

This completes your order.

Prices removed to avoid comments like "WTF?!?! THAT MUCH 4 GBA GAMES, UR A FOOL!"

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