Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Today our server in London died in a glorious display of power supply failure, which means all hell broke loose with my little office (which today is just me) so first my problem starts fairly small, find out what's going on, check things via people and other stuff. I tried calling the person who knows everything (this becomes more important later) but his mobile is off and he's out of office until Monday.

Well, I had to call more people none of which had a clue what to do in the event of a phone rining. I eventually got a hold of somebody who assisted me come to the conclusion the server is fucked and that we would require some form of technician to come and fix it the same day.

That could have been a simple 10 minute call to the maintinance company, but of course not a single person knew who was the company that was resposible and the only person who knew was in Tunisia on hols.

So I tried to get one person at the London office to get me needed information, but of course he was not to be found for a good 30 minutes which meant I had to go from person to person to get information I required THAT SECOND, which of course lead to a fairly shitty phone call about "wasting peoples time" which I replied in my "fuck off and die" tone "Well the problem is I need this information and I need it now, if I can't find you then I have to move on to somebody else who can do it for me." which pretty much ended the subject but of course he had to get his "blah blah blah" at the end.

Finally I got the required details and rang up Craphaq to only find the contract has expired, so they need paying of course they'll want a purchase order, where do you think those purchase orders come from? You guessed it, the dead server.

Oh glorious day!

However, I managed to get a hold of a purchase order and awaiting the "quote call" to get a overpaid twat out to fix the fucking thing.

I've got to give them a ring now and harass them. Joy.

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