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I've got car now :o)

Went to a few places in Swindon and had a bit of shouting in the car due to my horrific map reading skills.

Anyways, saw a few places and a few cars, saw three Puntos, but of course all happened to be either stripped of various things or one replacement winscreen wiper away from being a Q reg.

I also saw a P reg Peugot LX (Diesel) which was also quite nice but looked a bit "big", so I put that on my "maybe" list.

Finally got around to the third place and I saw a P reg Nissan Micra Muzic, at first I ignored it, then went back to it and finally poked and prodded it and decided I wanted it as it fit my "requirements", my requirements being:

- have to be able to sit up right, see out the windscreen and not ruin a good pair of trousers with "wheel burn".

- a boot with good space for hiding rubbish or dead people.

- insurable (£1,408 - being insurable)

- colour that doesn't clash with the red "L"s on the bonnet and boot.

So I bought the car on the spot after dropping him down a good £150 or so :o)

The car is now available on Wednesday for pick up, it's going to have another years MOT but I've got to tax it myself.

Now taxing it is going to be interesting as it's got to be driven from Swindon to Melksham untaxed so then I can pillage the paperwork and log book from it so I can have it done the next day.

I also got a few quotes and I'm now with Direct Line and I should probably get an AA Membership as well but I'll need to view my finances after my "deposit" payment and monthly payments along with my loan payments.

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