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Daily Update

09:37 - I'm late for school, but the lack of subways are no help.... then
again there is a convoy northbound, but where-o-where is my southbound???

09:47 - 'Bout friggin' time my southbound arrived!!!!

10:20 - Arrived at school, yet again I fool my teacher into thinking I'm

10:45 - Leaving school, mobile phone is rining, will somebody answer that????

10:54 - On platform level, that bastard westbound train just passed me and didn't stop!

11:00 - Here comes the subway (again), $5 on that guy is gunna jump.

11:01 - Shit I just lost $5 to somebody I've never met.

11:09 - This weird dude just got on at Younge station.

11:10 - (In between Younge & Bay) The weird guy is now inhalling Paint Thinner
on my car.

11:11 - Felling woozy, paint thinner fumes have filled my car (5119).

11:12 - At St.George station... finally! Brething again, Still woozy from fumes.

11:15 - $5 on that guy jumps.

11:16 - Again I loose five bucks, maybe I should learn from this.... nah.

13:00 - Get on bus, bus driver doesn't belive I'm a student and that I should
be paying a student rate, although he has seen my student discount card.

17:35 - I hate the 511, don't they realize it's raining???

11:15 - Receive phone call from Ian in South Africa. We spoke for 13m52s
which will cost him R42.99 without VAT and R49.01 with VAT. For me though
off-peak hours and weekends are free.

00:23 - Listening to Gaydar Radio, and still working on this entry.

00:24 - Go to hell martha stewart

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