Кевин (mmn) wrote,


It is too hot today, so hot infact my L plates almost became perminantly affixed to my car, you see the magnets on the L plates could no longer handle the heat, so they started to melt (not much, just a tiny bit), when I was going out for lunch I noticed one wasn't straight, so I went to adjust it only to find it was quite a challenge to remove it from my car.

After I managed to peel it off without taking most of the paint work with it I proceeded to gently scrape off the melted magnet bits with my finger nails. I almost had one of those "OMFG I DON'T EVEN OWN THAT BIT OF THE CAR AND IT'S RUINED" moments, but I managed to get most of it off and the rest, well, I think I may wash my car tonight and a pressure washer may just get the rest off.

So yeah, this weather is shit.

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