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Some people are really fucking stupid, last night heading from Hungerford to Devizes I had the joy of this fucker in a moving van (I suspect a self-drive hire one, but it was dark and I really didn't care) riding me for about a mile or so.

First of all he was attempting to overtake me, I have no idea why though as I was
slightly over the speed limit*, anyways what he/she was doing could have killed me if I had to stop suddenly for any reason.

This person was driving so close all I could see in my rear windscreen was his/her head lights and I couldn't see much of what was infront of me as I was being blinded by their lights. They also did a good job at pushing me to go faster by remaining only inches off of my bumper. Eventually though he/she overtook me on a bend (which could have killed any on coming vehicles as he had to have been going at least 70mph to have overtaken me.

I really don't understand what stupid shit people are willing to do to get away from a learner driver, if I had only been on the road for about a week I'd probably be dead right now or at minimum I'd probably would have been in great pain being removed from my car from the fire brigade.

I need to have the right to remove people's driving licences and possibly their lives if needed.

* I wasn't "take away your licence" speeding, more on the lines of a small fine speeding.

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